Sunday, May 3, 2009

Final day in the land of the Maya

… but not the last. I’ll definitely be back here. Even though the trip didn’t go as planned, it was still quite fun and it exceeded my expectations.

I watched the sun rise on the beach in Tulum before packing up and heading over to Playa de Carmen. That’s where I spent most of my day. It’s a nice place, but it’s not my kind of place. Everything is fairly modern. There’s a ton of hotels, tourists, shops, beaches and clubs. It’s for the type of person that wants an easy and relaxing trip and can fork up a little extra cash. Compared to most places, the locals here are a lot more fluent in English and other languages.

After walking around for a bit, I gave my friend Courtney a call. She moved down here some three years ago and started up some businesses. We got together for a drink and brunch and she hooked me up with some good Aloe lotion for my badly sunburned back. She told me about places to visit when I come back here.

After saying goodbye to Courtney, I did a bit more walking around town then hoped in my car and drove to Cancun. I got a hotel near the airport, as my flight is pretty early tomorrow. I decided to just stick around here for the day as Cancun doesn’t seem like my kind of place. Now I’ll just get some rested and nurse my sunburn.

Sunrise in Tulum:

Walking around Playa de Carmen:

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