Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White sands after a long flight

I was starting to feel pretty cramped up on the plane. There was a bit of a delay in Houston, but I transfered just in time.

Landing in Cancun was pretty wild, seeing the beaches and mangroves from the air. Most of the airport employees were wearing masks and I did get a little sketched out every time I heard someone cough or sneeze. I got through customs fairly quickly, got my rental car and I was on my way to Tulum.

The highway is in really good condition, though it'll take a bit of getting used to people's driving and a slight difference in signage. I ended up taking a couple of wrong exists, but it wasn't long before I turned around and continued on the right way.

I got to Tulum around 5:30pm, just after the Maya ruins site closed. I will have to explore it tomorrow. With the time I had left in the day, I walked over to the nearby beach and dipped my feet into the warm water. It's quite beautiful and I may have to go for a swim tomorrow.

Now I'm sitting at a restaurant near the beach. I just finished eating a delicious meal and I'm drinking a grande margarita by candle light while typing on my laptop. The swine flu is pretty far from my mind.

Tulum beach:


  1. Great to get news from our International Correspondent Marco ..

  2. Hey Marko, don't know when you are scheduled to fly back, but Air Canada just announced that flights back from Cancun will only continue until May 4 and then be suspended until June.

    Here's the link http://www.aircanada.com/en/news/trav_adv/090426.html

    Have fun and stay safe buddy.